Flexible Gas Piping CSST

Flexible Gas Piping CSST

Since 1975, OmegaFlex has led the piping industry with its high-quality construction and commitment to exceed the industry’s product and safety standards. With over 200 patents and counting, the Company’s philosophy is not to wait for mandates, but to lead the industry by introducing the best products. In 1997, the Company introduced TracPipe®, the finest CSST system on the market that when properly installed makes likelihood of damage to the system from natural occurrences very slight. In 2004, the Company developed CounterStrike®, which contains all of the innovative features of TracPipe® plus a built-in solution to lightning damage that eliminates the need for additional bonding.

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    CounterStrike® Flexible Gas Tubing


    CounterStrike® CSST Piping Systems for Natural Gas and Propane The fexibility and long lengths of CounterStrike® CSST make it perfect for remodel/repair work. It can be pulled like wire, which minimizes the need to remove and replace walls, while...
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